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Star Lake Adult Family Home is a Residential Care Home that offers individualized and personalized care services to each of the Residents so the families have peace of mind by knowing that their parents are well taken care of and receive the highest quality and loving care possible.

The owners, Vali David NAR and MA, and her husband Ionel David NAR and high quality chef, manage the home and live with the residents in the same home 24/7, making sure they receive proper care around the clock.


Vali has over 8 years of medical field experience, over 17 years of teaching kindergarten back in our native country, Romania.


Ionel is a licensed NAR, has worked in Alaska and Marriott Hotel as a chef cook. So, you know all of the meals are freshly cooked and designed by a special person who cares about our Residents by making sure that they always enjoy a great tasting and healthy meals per their physician prescribed dietary needs.


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