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 “My father was among Star Lake AFH first Residents. The care he received was excellent. What I appreciates the most about Star lake was the continuous interactions and household activities that my dad could participate in or just observe. It meant he had a rich, personalized environment that he loved. I have no hesitation in recommending Star Lake AFH as a place for your mom or dad.”

/// Valerie Lynch

“You made such a huge difference in Dad’s life. I honestly feel there was not a single day right up to the end where he did not find something to be joyful about, even if it was only for few minutes and a lot was due to the care you guys gave him. You exceed our expectations and Dad loved you and your family”

/// Teresa Lynch

“Our Dad lived at Star lake AFH. He moved there when his  assisted living facility was no longer able to take care of his needs. I wish I known of Star Lake  earlier and could have moved him there sooner. Vali and her family are truly caring, wonderful people and our Dad received really excellent care from them. He was very happy during his time there. The home is immaculate, yet light, warm and inviting and the view is amazing. However none of the psychical surroundings mattered as much as Vali’s compassion, energy, competence and caring. The Davids made our much loved Dad (and his four sons and all of our families) feel like a part of their family. We highly recommend this home to everyone in need of an adult family home.”

/// The Ormiston family

“Thank you Vali for your joyful, watchful and gentle care you offered to our mom, Jeannette Hilsen”

/// Hilsen family

“Dear Vali and family, you have a special way of making the world a better place. Thank you for the wonderful care you provided for mom. We truly appreciate it! “

/// Steve, Elena and Shirley Stoneberg


We just wanted to say” Thank you” for your great care over our Dad Paul Mason. We truly feel blessed to have our dad with you for his last years of his life! We came from a place where we worried all the time about him and that was not the case with you. Thank you!"​

/// Jane R.

"Star Lake AFH is a huge blessing to my dad! It is so nice to go there and know that my dad is not only in a beautiful home on the lake but that he is taken care of every area of need. Vali is a caring, compassionate, persistent and smart caregiver. I no longer worry about how or if my dad is being taken care properly. John,  Vali’s husband, is fantastic chef and caters to my dads wants and favorites.

The home is super clean and always smells great! My only regret is that we didn’t find this home and couple sooner!”

/// Sylvia N.

"Star Lake family care facility is a wonderful residence. My paternal grandparents both lived at Star Lake AFH for an extended period of time before their passing. The caregivers are kind, compassionate and loving to their Residents. My grandparents were given excellent care, tailored to their own personal needs. The caregivers were constantly looking for ways to ensure that my grandparents were comfortable and happy. They took a genuine interest in our family and worked with us to understand our family members needs and how to help them. We were welcome to visit anytime and we were told of everything that is happening with my grandparents.

 Thank you for caring for them and bringing us the comfort in a difficult time of life”

/// Michelle B.

"Dearest Vali&John,

With deep appreciation for your loving, excellent care of Amy, my mom. You are truly a blessing from God. May you and your family days be filled with blessings because you’re someone special all year long.”

/// Love Kathy& Gary G.

"Dear Vali& John,

Your loving care of our dear mama is so amazing and every time we see her smile and caring on a conversation we know we owe that to you. Thank you for all you have given to our mama & know that we appreciate it every moment.”

/// Sincerely Anne, Carol & William T.

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